Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast,
Tamworth and Coffs Harbour 

  • Assess the Scene

    Protect yourself. Protect the public. Protect the Casualty. Phone for help.

  • Assess the Casualty

    Are they alive? Check the Airway. Check for Breathing.

  • Check Injuries

    Unconscious. Eye Injuries. Shock. Poisoning. Unconscious. etc

  • Treat Injuries

    Follow the ARC guideline to treat the casualty.

Available Courses for First Aid Training in Newcastle

Our Courses

CPR $35.00
Basic Emergency Life Support $55.00
First Aid $95.00
Child Care First Aid $110.00
Asthma and Anaphylaxis $60.00

Course Location: 

Wests Cardiff Club, Corner Munibung and Pendlebury Roads, Cardiff 2285

Course Dates: 

Thursday 23rd August 2018
Monday 27th August 2018
Saturday 1st September 2018
Thursday 6th September 2018
Monday 10th September 2018
Saturday 15th September 2018
Thursday 20th September 2018
Monday 24th September 2018
Saturday 29th September 2018
Thursday 4th October 2018
Monday 8th October 2018
Saturday 13th October 2018
Thursday 18th October 2018
Monday 22nd October 2018
Saturday 27th October 2018
Thursday 1st November 2018
Monday 5th November 2018
Saturday 10th November 2018
Thursday 15th November 2018
Monday 19th November 2018
Saturday 24th November 2018
Thursday 29th November 2018


Monthly Draw Winners


S. Johnson from Lismore who completed their course with our training partner – Workforce Skills and Training


M. Crick from Greta who completed their course with H & A Training


L. Burns from Adamstown who completed their course with H & A Training


R.Gumangan from Armidale who completed their course with our training partner – New England North West First Aid.









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Go beyond the classroom

Our courses are designed for your complete satisfaction. We believe that we will help you gain new skills that will give you the confidence to be of assistance when you are needed. We guarantee a standard of skill retention from all students that complete our course.