An epileptic seizure is due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It consists of the involuntary contractions of the muscles in the body. Seizures may be caused by a number of reasons. Those may include, head injuries, lack of oxygen reaching the brain, difficult births, damage and subsequent scarring to the brain tissues, CVA (stroke) or a chemical imbalance. Bright flashing lights or certain smells can trigger a seizure.

Absence Seizure:

An Absence Seizure is caused by a minor disturbance in the brains electrical activity. The signs and symptoms of a casualty suffering from Absence Seizures may be so minimal that the condition may go untreated for years.

Tonic Clonic:

A Tonic Clonic is a recurring major disturbance of the brains activity causing violent and severe movements and thrashing. The casualty also becomes unconscious whilst having the seizure. Some sufferers of epileptic seizures may have a warning period, suddenly smelling a strange smell, tasting a funny taste, or suffering a funny feeling. These warning signs often give the sufferer time to find a safe area to lie down to have the seizure.

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Signs and symptoms of an Absence Seizure may include:

  • Staring blankly ahead.
  • Suddenly stop talking through a sentence.
  • Funny noises
  • Slight jerking or twitching of the lips, eyes, limbs or head.
  • Odd movements eg: lip smacking, clicking the tongue, chewing the lip.

Signs and Symptoms of a Tonic Clonic may include:

  • Casualty falls to the ground unconscious, letting out a loud cry.
  • Full body jerking movements.
  • Blue congested face.
  • Noisy breathing or wheezing.
  • Body becomes stiff and the back arches.
  • Congested or standing out blood vessels in the neck.
  • Frothing from the mouth possibly blood stained due to the biting of their tongue.
  • Possible loss of bladder and bowel control.

For more detailed information about Seizures, please download the brochure below.