A head injury is an injury to the brain or to the skull surrounding the brain following trauma. Head injuries should never be taken lightly. A doctor must evaluate any period of unconsciousness. Ring for an Ambulance immediately and watch for deterioration of casualty’s condition. With head injuries, always suspect spinal injuries, and treat accordingly. In some cases the casualty may not have received a trauma to the head, but may have severely jarred the head, causing an injury to the brain.


Concussion is caused by the bruising or shaking of the brain within the skull due to trauma or a severe jarring to the head. This causes a disturbance in the brain, which is temporary. A person is diagnosed as suffering from concussion, once the casualty has fully recovered.

Severe Head Injuries:

Severe Head Injuries are caused by severe trauma to the head and as a result, the brain is injured. Injuries to the brain can leave permanent disabilities to the casualty. Recovery can be a slow process. These are genuine emergencies. Seek medical aid immediately. Head injuries are the leading cause of death following trauma. Be prepared for the casualty’s condition to deteriorate.

Progressive / Compressed Head injury:

Boy With Head Injury

This serious form of head injury is often difficult to diagnose and usually requires surgery to rectify the damage caused to the brain. Progressive or compressed head injuries occur when the brain swells, a small blood vessel bleeds, or a skull fracture pointing inwards and puts pressure on the brain inside the skull. Progressive or compressed head injuries can develop immediately after the injury occurs or it may be delayed for hours or even days in some cases. As the condition develops, the level of responsiveness from the casualty will deteriorate the longer the condition is left untreated.

Fractured Base of the Skull:

This occurs when either the base, front or side of the skull is fractured.

For detailed information on the signs, causes and treatment of Head Injuries, please download the brochure below.