HA Training First Aid Action Course

Our First Aid Course provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills and help save lives. In every module, we have reproduced the basic first aid plan. This is the start of the treatment regime for all first aid situations. It is our first aid basic plan of treatment. Learn the ABC of first aid as printed here.

A) Assess the Scene

  • Protect yourself
  • Protect the public
  • Protect the casualty
  • Phone for help

Dangers can include:

  • Needle stick injuries
  • Body fluid contamination
  • Injuries caused by glass, metal,
  • petrol or gas fumes
  • Electrical wires / lightning
  • Aggressive behaviour / drugs
  • Fire / smoke
  • Back injuries to either the
  • casualty or the first aider
  • Chemical fumes
  • Traffic
  • Snakes or spiders

B) Assess the Casualty

  • Check airway
  • Check breathing
  • Check compression

Assess the Casualty:

  • Is the casualty awake and responsive?
  • Is the casualty’s airway clear?
  • Is their chest rising and falling?
  • Can you hear any breathing?
  • Are they making noises such as:
  • wheezing, snoring, or gasping?
  • Can you feel any breath on your cheek?
  • Are they going blue in the face?
  • Are there signs of shock?

C) Assess for Injuries

  • Check for injuries

Check for Injuries

  • Are they bleeding?
  • Is there swelling?
  • Are their limbs deformed?
  • Are there puncture wounds or scratches present?