Provide Pain Management

This course is suitable for Corporate Clients. Minimum numbers apply.

Course Information:

  • Course Code and Title:
  • N/A
  • Unit Code and Title:
  • PUAEME008 Provide Pain Management
  • Qualification Issued:
  • PUAEME008 Provide Pain Management
  • Components Included:
  • PUAEME008 Provide Pain Management
  • Re-certification: 
  • 1 year
first aid pain management

Training Package

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Vocational or Educational Outcomes

This unit applies to those who will be providing first aid in remote settings within the outdoor recreation sector This may include those undertaking a leadership role in outdoor recreation activities, such as bushwalking or other guided activities in remote locations. This may also include those working for private outdoor adventure companies, volunteer organisations, not for profit organisations or government agencies.



Entry Requirements

Entrants should have numeracy and literacy skills equivalent to level 2 of the National Reporting System. This means that the trainee must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Reading and Writing: Read and comprehend a range of simple texts and write a range of short texts in a number of contexts, which may be inter-related.
  • Oral Communication: Use and respond to language around everyday subject matter, which may include some unfamiliar aspects for a range of purposes in a number of contexts, which may be inter-related, including some unfamiliar material.
  • Numeracy and Mathematics: Deal easily with straightforward calculations, either manually and/or using a calculator. An example of a NRS level 2 activity is requesting appropriate emergency assistance at the scene of a First Aid incident.

Identifying Special Needs

Person(s) participating in training may have special needs. Where these needs are identified through the enrolment process the trainer will explore the options available to them to support the learner through the training program. Trainees with special needs may include those with language, literacy and/or numeracy problems, disabilities, and anxious or inexperienced trainees.

Trainee Identification

The trainee will be required to show proof of ID for this course. The usual POI would be photographic license and the enrolment form must have the legal name as evidenced by the proof of evidence document.

Course Outline

Course information can be found at www.training.gov

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